100% Natural Medicinal Cannabis Products


What are the benefits of Cannabis Oil?

    Ans: Cannabis oil have numerous Health benefits –It helps with All chronic pains, Dementia, Osteoporosis, Cancer, Insulin Resistance, Glaucoma, Metabolic Functioning, Immune System Support & HIV/Aids conditions. It can be used as Anti-oxidant, Anti-insomnia, Anti-inflammatory, Anti-depressant and Acne Inhibitor.

    What kind of Cannabinoids are contained in your Cannabis Oil?

      Ans: Our full-spectrum oil contains CBD, moderated level of THC, THC-V (Exclusive to Lesotho only), CBC and CBN etc.

       Is the level of THC in you Cannabis Oil Legal to use?

      Ans:Yes, the level of THC is in accordance with the International Narcotics Control Board (INCB) Quota of 0.3 %, with the exception of special formulations per requests, supported by medical conditions.

      What type of Extraction do you use for your Oil?

        Ans: Full Spectrum Extraction using Coconut Oil as our MCT (Medium Chain Triglyceride)

        Is it Legal to ship your products in Non-Legalized Cannabis Countries?

          Ans: Non-THC Products are shipped world-wide, while THC products are shipped according to country of destination legal requirements

          What Type of Carrier do you use for your Cannabis Oil?

          Ans:Coconut Oil

          Are your products certified to be used?

          Ans: Our products are Laboratory Tested and have Certificates of Analysis from an Independent Laboratory – 3rd Party Lab

          Where do you Source Cannabis?

          Ans: ALo CaNN is a Licensed Medicinal Cannabis Operator; we are Licensed to Cultivate Cannabis, Extract Cannabis Oil and Manufacture all our products in-house. ALL our products are made from Lesotho Land-race Strains which ALo CaNN cultivates.

          Are Cannabis, Hemp, and Marijuana the Same Thing?


          • Cannabis: a family of plants with two classifications – indica and sativa.
          • Marijuana:a member of either the cannabis indica or cannabis sativa families.
          • Hemp:a member of the cannabis sativa family.

          (Sativa makes people feel more energetic and creative, while indica makes people feel more relaxed and sleepy.)

          Marijuana is most well-known for its psychoactive properties because it has so much THC in it. Because of this, it’s smoked, inhaled, ingested, or injected for a “high” effect.

          On the other hand, hemp is used primarily for industrial purposes. For instance, paper, clothing, oils, and even building materials are made from hemp

          Can I use Cannabis Oil with my current medications or with other substances? Will it interfere with my medicines?

             Ans: In nearly every case, the answer is yes, but we’re unable to provide you with specific information. It’s best that you consult with your medical professional to be sure.

          Can I use Cannabis products if I am pregnant or breastfeeding?

          Ans: We don’t recommend ingested products (Healing Teas & Cannabis oil) during pregnancy or breastfeeding. You can use topical salves & therapeutic soaps, but it’s always best to consult with a medical professional first to be sure.

          Are there any side effects when using Cannabis products? 

          Ans: The most common side effects might be lethargy (sleepiness) if you take more than your body need at a given time. This may not be a bad thing in cases of exhaustion, high anxiety or anticipation of an anxiety attack.

          What’s the best way to administer Cannabis Oil and tinctures? What dosage should I start with?

          Ans: Use the measured dropper to ingest one (recommended for first time users) drop under the tongue. It can also be applied topically to alleviate pain. But if you don’t see the results you want in 7 days, slowly increase the amount until you see the desired result (we recommend not using more than 3 times a day).

          Do you ship your products internationally?

          Ans: Yes, we ship our products internationally through a reliable Courier Company and all of our packages are shipped through a traceable and secure method. Find more details on our shipping policies.

          How Long Does Shipping Take?

          Ans: After Order dispatch

          • Local shipping take 1 – 2 days
          • South Africa 2 – 3 working days
          • Rest of the world 7-14 working days

          Do I need to register and set up an account to shop?

          Ans: It is not compulsory to register.  However, if you choose to, we will retain your contact details, which will be retrieved when you login on your next visit. Please note that due to security reasons, we will not retain your card details.


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